Scouting Report: Bruno Caboclo

Bruno Caboclo came to Europe in February but quickly showed that he can be an interesting player for the top level in Europe. In the Olympic Qualifiers with the Brazil national team he was amongst their best players and probably drew some attention from better teams.


Previous clubs:
2013–14 Pinheiros
2014–2018 Toronto Raptors
2014–15 Fort Wayne Mad Ants
2015–19 Raptors 905
2018 Sacramento Kings
2018 Reno Bighorns
2018–19 Rio Grande Valley Vipers
2019–20 Memphis Grizzlies
2019–20 Memphis Hustle
2020 Houston Rockets

Toronto Raptors drafter Bruno as their 20th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. He didn’t get much game time in the NBA for the Raptors and in his first season in G League for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants but got a lot of playing time for the Raptors affiliate team (Raptors 905) in the next three years in Toronto. In 2018 he was traded to Sacramento Kings where he also played more in their affiliate Reno Bighorns team in the G League. In 2018 he was added to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers team where he played some great games and Memphis Grizzlies signed him on a 10-day contract (twice) and after that he signed a multi year contract with them. In Memphis he also got limited opportunity in NBA and played mostly in the G League. At the end of the first season there he was traded to Houston Rockets where he was in January. In February he signed a contract with Limoges till the end of 2020/21 season. This was his first season in Europe.



Caboclo’s shot distribution in this season (Source: InStat)

Slashing / Isolation: His isolation skills are limited. Not really confident as a ball handler and can make sloppy mistakes. So far he scores most points in off ball situations in catch & shoots or catch & drives but usually reads the defense well when he is attacking the closeouts and not having much problems with getting to the rim. Isolation plays are an area where I think he could improve and become a better offensive player.

Post Ups: Similar with his post up game. He should use his frame a little better to create some separation and points down low. Per InStat only 3.6 % of his possessions were post ups and in my opinion this number should get bigger. He could attack from mid post with drives, take shots from mid range or build a better position and finish with a jump hook. Has the potential to do everything but needs to develop his post up game.

Transition: I would love to see Bruno run the floor more often. With his fluidity and athleticism he could be a really big threat in transition. Athletic enough to outrun most players but not using this often. With his limited ball handling skills he is not really a player that could push forward but could be a great runner without the ball. Usually knows his lane and runs directly to the rim.


Post Up Defense: Bruno usually has no problems defending closer to the rim too. Strong enough to hold his position on post ups and contest shots against bigger guys. Similar story here with jumping on pump fakes, needs to be smarter about that. Really versatile as a defender and can defend all positions in Europe.

Rebounding: Bruno has the potential to crush boards. Showing some fine instincts for rebounds and combining that with his athleticism and length, he is amongst the best rebounding forwards in Europe. Also active rebounder on the offensive end and this can translate to any level.

Steals & Blocks: An area where I see some room for improvement are his steals & blocks. He is decent in both areas but I think there is potential for more. His steal & block percentages could be higher if we take in consideration his athletic tools. Not really going for steals often and I’m sure there are some reserves here. Also his instincts for blocks could be better and as mentioned before, he should not jump on every pump fake.


His defensive game on the other hand is on a high level already. With his versatility he can cover all positions and be an impactful defender. I think there are still some reserves in his steals & block numbers but even without any improvements in those areas he should be fine.

In my opinion a great player that could find a spot in many top teams in Europe.

Twitter: @turkmarkoo