Scouting Report: Christian Oshita

I’m getting a lot of requests on players that have already signed for a club and I will make reports on them later. I will try to make reports first on those guys that still haven’t signed for the next season. I will start a short series on guys that are more mid-level now but in my opinion they could get a shot at a higher level in the short future.

Christian Oshita is in my opinion one of those guys. He had a great rookie season in German 2nd League and has shown that he could be a player to follow.


Previous clubs:

He appeared in 18 matches as a Freshman for the San Diego Toreros in NCAA, Division I. His role in the team was minor and averaged just 1.6 points in 8 minutes per game. Transfered to UC San Diego in Division II where he had much more freedom in his game. He won many awards in all his years and was amongst the best players in his team in all years. Season 2020/21 was his first profesional season in Europe and he played very good for Team Ehingen Urspring in German ProA (German 2nd League).



Oshita’s shot distribution in this season (Source: InStat)

Slashing: He is not really explosive in his north-south movements and struggles to get by defenders. His handles are average at best, can make some sloppy mistake and not really a great player in isolation. At the moment more of an off-ball player than a creator with the ball in his hands and his on-ball game is definitely something where he can improve by a lot. Also not really efficient in his finishes in the paint .

Pick & Roll: Christian can sometimes run as pick & roll operator. Most of the screens serve him to get an open look and some separation for a shot. As mentioned before, not really a player that will put pressure on the rim with drives even on pick & rolls. Usually patient and has everything under control and makes good reads when to pass or take a shot. Doesn’t have the best court vision and passing game and sticks to basic first level passes.

Transition: His transition game is also an area where he has a lot of room for growth. Usually not running all the way to the rim but mostly to the corners when he is taking shots if left open. In my opinion, he should run the floor more often and even though he is not the most athletic player, this would enable him to get some easy layups and points in transition. Per InStat, around ⅔ of his transition finishes in last season finished with a jumper and I think he needs to look for layups more often and not just depend on open shots.


Pick & Roll Defense: He is a solid pick & roll defender and maybe even a little better in defending in pick & rolls than in isolation. Makes smart reads and maneuvers around the screen very good. The ball handler can’t create much separation with his screen and Christian also uses his size very smartly in those actions. In my opinion, he would not have many problems defending pick & rolls on mid level.

Post Up Defense: Christian is capable of defending and holding his stance on post ups. Strong enough in upper and lower body and not backing down so easily. He has a habit of having one arm on the back of the sealer and that is normally called as a foul. Probably an above average post up defender if we take in consideration only players playing on his position.

Rebounding: Rebounding is also an area where Christian can help his team a lot. As mentioned before, he is not the most explosive or athletic player but has great feel for rebounds. Solid motor too and goes for rebounds almost in all possessions. Maybe won’t get so many rebounds on higher level but still could help his team in the rebounding battle.


So far mostly a smart off-ball player that is sinking open shots but other elements of his offensive game need improvements. If he manages to become a better slasher and more consistent finisher at the rim, that would already open some new doors for him.

Smart and solid defender too, be it on perimeter or on post ups. Not an iso player but if some teams on mid level are looking for a glue guy or a potential 3&D type of a player, Christian looks like a good choice.

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