Scouting Report: Omar Prewitt

Another request was another great shooting wing — Omar Prewitt. He spent last season in Nymburk in Czech Republic and joined German team Brose Bamberg for the next season.


Previous clubs:
2017 Šiauliai
2017–2018 Aris
2018–2019 Warszawa
2019–2020 Teksut Bandirma
2020–2021 Nymburk



Prewitt’s shot distribution in last season (Source: InStat)

Isolation: Has room to improve in his iso skills too. He is a solid player in isolation, has solid handles and is capable of getting past the first line of defense and to the rim. Not the most explosive player or a player that would change the pace and direction quickly. He is a pretty good finisher at the rim, has good touch but not the best at finishing under contact. Also has the ability to create some separation and take off-the-dribble shots but they are not as efficient as spot up shots.

Pick & Rolls: An underrated but important part of Omar’s game are his pick & rolls. He is really good at playing as a pick & roll operator and makes correct decisions when to take a shot or pass the ball. Has good court vision and can find open teammates in corners or deliver an assist to the roller. This unselfishness when the defense guards him too closely and him being able to dish out some assists is definitely something that could be useful at a higher level too.

Transition: Transition plays are also something where Omar has a pretty high potential. He moves fluidly for his size and can run the floor really well. Nymburk played a fast paced transition game and there were a lot of opportunities for easy points in transition and Omar used those opportunities wisely. He is able to push the ball and go all the way or take an early shot in transition. Usually makes the right decision and I think his transition game can translate to any level.


Pick & Roll Defense: Statistically speaking he is an excellent pick & roll defender and per InStat he allowed just 0.67 PPP in pick & roll defense last season in Nymburk but I doubt these numbers can be that good in BBL too. He could anticipate and maneuver around the screens a little better. He is not initiating any contact and leaving too much space for the offensive player to get the advantage and create separation. Usually contesting the shots and letting the operator go to the rim too easily and allowing mid range shots. Better offensive players will punish those open looks and I think he has room to improve in his pick & roll defense too.

Post ups: There were some possessions where he was targeted on post ups. Most wings are usually stronger than him and he can be moved on post ups pretty easily. With his length he can contest some shots but not really a very good post up defender.

Rebounds: Omar is a solid rebounder. Has good timing and can take away some balls even from taller players. Again, those rebounding numbers maybe won’t translate so well to a more athletic league like BBL but he could still grab some rebounds per game and help his team that way.

Steals: Omar uses his long arms very well when going for steals. Active as a helpside defender and can make some pocket steals. Also makes correct rotations and sh owing some good anticipation for interceptions. Really useful as a helpside defender and can make some steals that way that lead to easy points in fast breaks.


There is much more to improve in his defense. He lacks the athletic tools to be an elite defender but could be a decent one with some minor improvements.

Overall, he brings much more to the team with his great offense than takes away with poor defense and he is one of the names to follow in the next season, especially for teams in Eurocup that will be looking for some shooting power from the wing.

Twitter: @turkmarkoo